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  3. 永井酒造(群馬県・川場村)「MIZUBASHO PURE」Nagai Brewery in Gunma prefecture


永井酒造(群馬県・川場村)「MIZUBASHO PURE」Nagai Brewery in Gunma prefecture

The English text follows the Japanese text.

片岡シェフの春いっぱいのスパゲッティ✘本格的なスパークリング日本酒「MIZUBASHO PURE]



しっかりとした米の旨みとやわらかな甘味、キレのよい後味の「MIZUBASHO PURE」のなかに隠されたほのかな苦味が、春野菜の苦味と呼応しながら、スパゲッティと日本酒の互いの旨味を引き立てます。

自然な発泡の刺激が、料理と日本酒の旨味を、 小気味いいアクセントでまとめてくれます。


Seasonal spaghetti  in the spring ✖Sparkling Sake 「MIZUBASHO PURE]

Based on Ario Orio, the spaghetti of Ristorante Alporto‘s Kataoka chef is packed with the blessings of spring in Japan, including cherrystone clams, broad beans, rape blossoms, and frit of finely chopped Fukinotou (edible flower bud of fuki plant).

The point of pairing this fine dish with sake is the bitterness of spaghetti and  sake,

Furthermore, the stimulation of natural bubble created by secondary fermentation in the bottle.

The rich taste and soft sweetness of rice, and the subtle bitterness hidden in the sharp aftertaste of sake,
While matching the bitterness of spring vegetables, it enhances the mutual taste of spaghetti and sake.

Stimulation of natural bubble adjusts the Umami of food and sake  with a pleasant accent.


Restaurant :http://www.alporto.jp/

Commented by Makiko TEJIMA (Sake Stylist)