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  3. 豊島屋本店(東京都・神田)金婚「白酒」 Toshimaya Corporation in Tokyo


豊島屋本店(東京都・神田)金婚「白酒」 Toshimaya Corporation in Tokyo

焼き豆腐と蕗の薹味噌×白酒 https://www.toshimaya.co.jp/

(もっと詳しくhttps://www.toshimaya.co.jp/brand/ )


From Toshimaya Corporation in Tokyo Kinkon 「Shiro-Zake」
Grilled tofu with soybean paste of butterbur sprout×「Shiro-zake」

Shiro-zake (White sake) to make glutinous rice, rice koji, and authentic mirin in the raw material is a sweet rice liqueur transmitted from the Edo period.Toshimaya Juemon, who founded Toshimaya more than 400 years ago, devised this Shiro-zake (white sake) and gained great popularity among women who had little drinking habits at that time.
(More details,https://www.toshimaya.co.jp/index_english/

The taste of Shiro-zake(white sake) condensed the sweetness of the rice by the fermentation and the umami of miso, which includes the bitterness of butterbur sprout, complement each other, and the umami of white sake hidden in the sweetness is brought out.

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